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A Conversation with Duckwrth House Party LA
Duckwrth is no stranger to Los Angeles’ up-and-coming music scene and has been popping up on some of your favorite publications with his latest effort I’m Uugly. House Party LA recently chopped it up with Duckwrth to discuss his music, his views on relationships in 2016, his favorite meal, and the current state of fashion.
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What are some of your favorite words. How do these words compare and contrast to the way you look at life?my two favorite words are “essentially” and “wamps”. these words contrast because I use essentially when I agree with someone. it’s like saying “pretty much”. I use wamps when something in life really sucks. these words compare because you can join them together, like “nobody is here, this party wamps, essentially”.
Describe the perfect meal.The perfect meal is jambalaya, gumbo, or pad Thai. These collaborative dishes were handcrafted by the gods themselves. you mean to tell me I can have noodles and chicken and fish and peanuts or chicken and fish and sausage and rice? damn near the 4th of July, in my mouth.
I was always checking out of reality. Don’t know if I ever really checked back in.
If you could compare your childhood to a movie, what would that movie be? Who would the characters be?I know I sound like Michael Jackson when I say this, but my childhood was like Peter Pan. I was always checking out of reality. don’t know if I ever really checked back in.
If you had to be buried what album is coming with you? What song from it are they playing at the Eulogy?if I die, bury me with N.E.R.D. “fly or die”. Play “chariot of fire” at my eulogy and play the secret track as well.
Is Fashion evolving in your opinion? Why?I think fashion is evolving, but personal style is dying. Everyone looks the same. And Fast Fashion is the serial killer. I don’t like to see 30 of the same options of the garment I’m choosing on. I feel the evolution of fashion is recycled materials, reusable threads, and garments that can last for years so you don’t have to keep buying more.
Do you have a musical alias? Do you make different music under another name? Who would that artist be? What music would he make?I do have a musical alias, but I’m not going to tell you because you would know that it’s me LOL. Just know I have a secret psych punk band.

Booty on Instagram is what’s wrong with relationships.

You believe in Alter Egos?whatever helps your BPD feel like less of an illness and more of a hobby.
Whats wrong with relationships in 2016? Whats right with them?Booty on Instagram is what’s wrong with relationships. It’s so much access to booty, how does one stay mentally faithful?
What would you change about Voting, Legislation, or Politics if you had the ability?What I would change about politics is when choosing a president is that they will have to have been raised in a ghetto or rural area, so they can know what it feels like to come from a less fortunate situation. that’s the only way they will know how to help people in the same predicament. I don’t get how a rich old kook would know how to help the poor.
What do you hope people say about you and your music once you leave this earth.His music helped me to be a better me, essentially.

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